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Aimlessness - 'Oldies' weekend

Dear friends,
dear former participants in the yearlong training „Living mindfully in the world“,

In 2016 we started offering the yearlong training for the first time in the Netherlands. I hope, the weekends, the practice as a sangha, the second bodies and the meditations and exercises during the year had supported you in anchoring the practice of mindfulness in your daily life, is continuosly offering possibilities to grow - and offering beautiful fruits.

In Germany we started this form in 2013 and since 2014 we have an annual retreat for friends, who have been in the training. It is a beautiful opportunity to deepen the practice - with friends on the ‚same‘ base, sharing a certain experience. It means also, we do not need to talk for example about how do be with challenging emotions, thoughts ......
We can just practice with the chosen topic.
And meeting second bodies and friends. 

In 2020 we will start with this "Oldies-Retreat‘ also in the Netherlands.
We have found a weekend in September in Bosoord Loenen: Sept 18 - 20. 

The Title is Aimlessness
Aimlessness is teaching us: „Be beautiful - be yourself“
We are already what we want to be.

roos„The rose is without why;
It blooms simply because it blooms.
It pays no attention to itself,
nor does it asks, if anyone sees it.“
Angelus Silesius


It just needs to be truly present in the here and the now, to touch the miracle of life!
Often we run through our day to attain something - in the future.
I cook to have something to eat – later.
I work, to have some money for.......
I do sports, to be fit.
An activitiy becomes a means to an end.
Everything becomes an object, I put in front of me, I have to accomplish, - even joyful things.
I lean into the future, pressure and the sense of being unfulfilled are manifesting.
I am mentally fixated on a result and I am no longer in contact with the joy to do what I do, to be the one, I am.

When we live with aimlessness, our activities can offer joy, happines,, fulfillment already in the present moment.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way“
„There is no way to peace, peace is the way“

Thay is teaching us, that even in our most difficult moments, everything, which is good, true and beautiful is available! In ourselves and araound us.
Thay is teaching us, that we can live in such a way allowing the good, the true, the beautiful in every moment to manifest!

This needs practice: 
In meditations, exercises and in being together we will explore aimlessness in ourselves.
We will look in experiences, questions:
What am I waiting for? What means aimlessness in my life?
We will look at aimlessness in the context of the three dors of liberation:
Emptiness, signlessness and aimlessness.

With joy to see eachother again and practicing together again!
With a bow and a smile


Contact: Marten Buis via

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Startdatum 18-09-2020 18:00
Einddatum 20-09-2020 17:00
Max. deelnemers 20
Prijs per persoon 165 tot 245 euro
Locatie Bosoord, Loenen

Locatie Kaart

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