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Waking up to the preciousness of life - Oldies weekend

Deze retraite is alleen open voor mensen die een van de jaartrainingen van Bettina Romhardt hebben gevolgd.
De inschrijving start per 1 augustus. Info:  

Waking up to the preciousness of life – responding to the preciousness of life

Bettina Oldies 2021

Last year the so-called 'Oldies-Retreat' took place in Bosoord Loenen, this year we also have the chance to practice there from 22 – 24 of October. It is an opportunity to practice together based on the training, meeting friends of the same year or practicing with new friends. In case it is still not possible to meet live, we will meet via zoom.

Whatever we desire in our lives, whatever we call our motivation to practice, the only door to touch this is found in the present moment, in this body, with this mind, on this planet earth. Thay teaches us „You have an appointment with life.“ In any situation, pleasant or unpleasant, we are here to „meet“ life, to look through the ideas, concepts which prevent us from realising the miracle of life in just this present form. Mindfulness enables us to be available for life. We practice again and again and again to come back to ourselves into the present moment to be aware of what is gonig on inside and around.

In this retreat we will practice with and look deeply into:
1.day - Waking up to the preciousness, immensity of life,
In the midst of nature, relationships, our homes, our daily routine and challenging times.

2. day – How do we respond to life? Moment by moment?
And explore the connection to our capacity to touch the miracle of life.
When we are in touch with the beauty and immensity of life, a natural wish to protect and care arises.

„Reverence is the nature of my love.“

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Startdatum 22-10-2021 18:00
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Locatie Bosoord, Loenen

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