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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

You Can Say No - The Sound of (self)Compassion - Online workshop

This event is in English

Develop the art of self awareness, self care and self advocacy to help you live in harmony with your inner truth and communicate it clearly with confidence and love.

In these challenging and potent times many of us are working wholeheartedly towards a more harmonious world, engaged in action, the arts and socially conscious enterprise across our beautiful planet. Deep vision and joy energizes our intentions but as the work unfolds we may start to lose our inner harmony and well-being in the face of a never ending cycle of commitments and requests that arrive at our door as expectations.

Habit energies run deep and it's hard to say no but in [not] doing so we unconsciously continue systems of oppression and miss the opportunity for new possibilities to emerge, ways of being that honour our natural rhythms and deeply serve ourselves, our aspirations and the world in a creative space, beyond burnout.

In this workshop we will explore the use of sound, meditation and simple techniques to develop the art of self awareness, self care and self advocacy.

Self Awareness:
Beginning gently with a relaxation in sound we will establish ourselves in the present moment and move attention to the body to explore feelings on an issue currently causing dis-ease. You will be guided to identify and embrace your true wishes, set an intention to honour this and release any related tension in body-mind.

Self Care:
We will take time to reflect and create space to consider the consequences of our choices, noting any outstanding needs we may have and how these might be met, such as access to community and support.

Self Advocacy:
Finally we will make a plan of action to step into harmony with our truth, identifying an individual or entity we need to communicate our message to with love and explore how and when, to do this skilfully.

At the end of the workshop we will come together to share, listen deeply to each other and encourage each other to complete this final step for the benefit of all.

Practical information
Date: 25-11-2023
Time: 15:00 - 17:15 (check-in 14:45)
Cost 39,-- for ten paying participants and two free places for those with reduced means.

Registration via Hipsy
Language: English
Facilitator: Rachel Butt.
Supplies: A quiet place to sit or lie down, access to Zoom, pen and paper and head- or earphones

About Rachel: She is an award winning advocate, lifelong musician and multidisciplinary facilitator working withmindfulness and the yoga of sound as a tool for meditation, healing and empowerment.
For more information, visit her website:

Evenement Eigenschappen

Startdatum 25-11-2023 15:00
Einddatum 25-11-2023 17:15
Max. deelnemers 12
Ingeschreven 5
Aantal plaatsen 7
Prijs per persoon €39.00
Locatie Online
Categorieën Verdiepingsprogramma , Online activiteiten

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