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23 - 28 juni: Understanding Our Mind - Online retraite Plum Village

23 - 28 juni: Understanding Our Mind - Online retraite Plum Village
Plum Village organiseert in de week van 23 - 28 juni een interessante online retraite met vooraanstaande dharmaleraren: Sr Chân ĐứcBr Pháp DungBr Pháp XảSr Đào NghiêmBr Pháp Lưu, Br Pháp Khởi, Br Pháp Linh and Dr. Liam Kavanagh. Onderwerp is boeddhistische psychologie (Understanding Our Mind) verrijkt met inzichten uit de neurowetenschappen.

How can neuroscience help us transform our own minds so we can be happy and free? Buddhist psychology, using first-person empirical research, teaches us how to look deeply into our mind and remove the obstacles—ideas and afflictions—that prevent us from seeing things as they truly are.

The course will include live guided meditations every morning, followed by live talks from the monastic teachers, questions and answers sessions and panel discussions—facilitated by Dr. Liam Kavanagh—between one of the monastic teachers and scientific researchers whose work has deep connection to Buddhist teachings: Antoine Lutz from the Lyon Center for Neuroscience, Elena Antonova of King’s College London, Sebastjan Vörös of Ljubljana University, and Iain McGilchrist author of ​The Master and his Emissary.​ Participation in live group sharing sessions is available for the course, and is strongly recommended to benefit fully from the retreat experience.

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