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in de traditie van Thich Nhat Hanh

17 maart 2023

Kloosterlingen doen hun verhaal in nieuwsbrief Plum Village

Jaarlijks geeft Plum Village een nieuwsbrief uit met persoonlijke verhalen van monniken en nonnen en ook enkele leken beoefenaars. Ze kijken terug op het afgelopen jaar, het jaar waarin Thich Nhat Hanh overleed. De nieuwsbrief bevat ook veel mooie foto's. Ook br. Phap Xa schreef een bijdrage over zijn herinneringen aan Thay. 

Hierbij een klein deel van het verhaal van br. Phap Xa (blz 104):

"When Thay gave me my name, I was very happy to have a name that was easy and wouldn't be easily confused with other names. It may sound silly, but it had been my main concern: to have a name that was mixed up with another similar sounding name. It was not uncommon for nonVietnamese speakers to be confused about the pronunciation and the differences in pronunciation of similar sounding names.
Thay told me right at the ceremony that this name means to love everyone equally. Thay told me once, I could call myself Brother Equanimity, just like one of the sisters who called herself, and was mostly known as, Sister Steadiness. However, I was quite happy with Phap Xa and wasn't planning to change it. In later Dharma Talks Thay preferred to use the word inclusiveness instead of equanimity as a translation for Xa. This word puts the emphasis on loving in a way that doesn't exclude anyone, rather than to love everyone equally. I personally also like inclusiveness."

Je kunt de hele Plum Village nieuwsbrief hier inzien of downloaden (pdf).